🌿 Terminos de servicio

➜ 1. Use of Foxy

By inviting Foxy to your Discord server, you and your members grant Foxy permission to store the following information about you: Your Discord avatar-url, Your Discord channels and Your Discord Server Foxy will not automatically store other information. In the event you use a command to store extra data, you will approve of it by typing it in as a command. These are used to identify you and give you access to the Foxy infrastructure.

➜ 1.2 Liability We are in no way liable of potential data loss. In the case we suffer a major data loss, we will post a announcement in our Discord server.

➜ 1.3 Tracking In events you break any of the general guidelines your usedid may be tracked to exclude you from using Foxy.

➜ 1.4 What we do to protect your data We make sure our database runs locally and has no way of directly communicating outside the network. Access to the machine is secured with ssh-keys and a unique ssh port.